Review of GG Bran Crispbread

Prior to starting a low carb based diet, I had no idea what crispbread was or how it tasted. You can think of crispbread as a minimally processed cracker. This particular crispbread comes from Norway and is 85% bran. This leads to low calories, only 12 per slice, and low carbs, only 2 per slice.

They are firm and taste like you’d think almost pure bran does. It’s a little grainy and chewey, but not soft.

I use them for mini-pizzas, cheese spread and may favorite dish. You take four crispbreads, spread on whipped cream cheese, sprinkle on splenda and cinammon. It tastes delicious and is a a sweet treat. I cannot reccomend this more for people losing weight.

Alas, you cannot find them in stores. You can only order them online.

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