Review of Bob Evans Express Sausage Links

I’ve always preferred the taste of Bob Evans sausage, but most of the time it’s only available in rolls that aren’t cooked. It’s a pain to cut up the roll and fry it. They do sell precut rolls, but you pay so much more for them it’s hardly worth it. So, I was very happy to see Bob Evans came out with a microwave version of their sausage. They have patties and links, but I am partial to the links.

The sausage tastes just like normal Bob Evans sausage, but it’s quick to make. How fast? You can cook 5 links in a minute.

They come 10 links to a package in two 5 piece plastic wrapped sections. You just pull them out of the plastic and cook. Cook is the wrong term. It’s more like reheat, since they are already cooked.

Don’t overcook, though. They’ll explode.

They cost us $2.50 each on sale at the grocery.

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