Review of Equate sleep aid liquid caps

Something other than food. This rocks.

Getting to sleep is tough sometimes, especially if you are trying to cram so much into a day. Walmart sells a line of medical products under the brand Equate.

These are sleep aid caplets that are liquid gels. If you get past the technical mumbo of the chemical involved, Diphenhydramine_Hydrochloride, you’d find out it’s Benadryl.

Yeah, the sleep medicine is Benadryl.

I like taking this because it works. Here are a few observations:

  1. It takes about an hour before you feel sleepy.
  2. You won’t wake up with a hangover the next day.
  3. If you take too much you’re going to have insomnia.

These retail for about $4.50 at Walmart.

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  1. Hello, how are you today. I hope this message finds you in good health. I don’t have a complaint about equate, i have a question. I’m involved in a program where no alchoholic substances are to be found in my system. But recently it was. I took some equate day time and some equate night time gel caps. On the day time box it said non-drowsy and no alcohol, but on the night time box it didn’t say that. I want to know if equate night time contains any alcohol. Please reply promply. My job depends on this. Thanks, and have a great day.
    the medecine worked great. Keep up the good work

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