Review of Polaner Sugar Free Raspberry Preserves

What was that commercial?

“Please pass the jelly?”

I bought the Polaner Sugar Free Raspberry Preserves because I am avoiding carbs in my diet. The preserves have a ridiculously low 5g of carbs per serving. A serving is a tablespoon, so it’s a bunch.

The funny thing about this product is that the preserves look like jelly. Where you expect preserves to look like mashed fruit and jelly to look like vaseoline, these look like the latter.

Looks aside, it sure is tasty. It has a slight after taste, which I am not sure about it. It’s either the Splenda or the Raspberries themselves. Unsure.

What I can tell is that it adds life to the things you need to tinge with sweetness.

You’re going to pay about $3.50 for this.

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