Free kids movies this summer

free-kids-movies-photoGoing to the movies was much easier when I was a kid. You didn’t have 14 choices at the local theater, you had two.

They were always times so that the adults could watch one movie and then the kids another.

Things change, but even when my daughter was young, the local theater would run Saturday morning specials. Older movies shown at a reduced rate, but it was great to spend time with my daughter.

AMC Theaters is bringing this back, and they are making it more impressive. For the summer of 2007 AMC will show free movies on Wednesday mornings. No tricks, no fees, just completely free. And no, these aren’t some recycled movies from the past, but recent releases.

Here is the schedule for free kids movies:

  • June 27: Happy Feet
  • July 4: No movie due to holiday.
  • July 11: Ice Age: The Meltdown
  • July 18: Barnyard: The Original Party Animals
  • July 25: Flushed Away
  • August 1: Charlotte’s Web
  • August 8: Open Season
  • August 15: Over the Hedge

Don’t assume your local AMC is running this special. Go to their site using the link above and put in your zip code.
This is a great thing AMC is doing. Sure, they like to sell snacks with the free movie, but you can’t beat the price of admission.

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