Movie Review – French Kiss (Meg Ryan, Kevin Kline)

meg-ryan-gas-fartAn interesting selection as the first movie reviewed on this site. Believe me, I didn’t choose it, it chose me. Chose me as in I Tivoed it and it was playing.

Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline star in this romantic comedy about a woman who is on a mission. A mission to France to hunt down her former fiance who thinks the grass is greener with another woman. The former fiance is played by Timothy Hutton, which is an odd casting choice.

The movie comes in at PG-13 due to language and sexual content. No breasts for those who are interested or not interested in that sort of thing. The rating is really due to cussing and adult situations.

Running an hour and forty five minutes, you’ll need to pay attention to the first 15 minutes to understand the plot. The crucial first meeting between Kline and Ryan is funny to watch, but the real story begins when Ryan gets to the airport to visit with her fiance. Since the film was made in 1995 there are overt references to the “puritancial ” American society. Imagine what they would have said had the movie been filmed in 2006.

As the movie progresses you’ll realize it’s following a familiar plot. There are a couple of great scenes between Ryan and Kline, and these include the train and the train station. Let’s just say that gastronomical issues have never been cuter. The onscreen give and take between the two is believable and within their characters.

Ryan and Kline develop a plan to make Ryan’s fiance jealous, which will hopefully drive him back into Ryan’s arms. You can guess what happens, right?

Who should watch this movie? Couples will love this movie. Teenage boys will not. If you’re looking for an entertaining, light movie for the night this would be it. You’ll laugh, you won’t cry, but you won’t feel like you wasted your time.

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