AppBox Pro Review

appboxpro screenThis is a review of AppBox Pro for the iPhone.

The cool think about browsing for apps in the App Store is finding hidden gems. AppBox Pro is one of those hidden gems. It is a swiss army knife of apps.

Handling over 35 different functions, the app is designed to have a little something for everyone. Here are the top five functions I use it for:

  1. Alarm Clock: A very simple to use, but powerful alarm clock with multiple alarms.
  2. Days Until: This counts down the days until an event occurs.
  3. Battery Life: Showing the amount of time left for standby, browsing, etc, you can tell how much juice you have left.
  4. days until screenshotTranslator: Type in english and get 30 more languages back.
  5. Level: Ok, I never use it, but it is very, very cool.

The main screen offers all the utilities, while the second screen has quick hooks into Google and Yahoo applications.

The app runs quick and has updated twice since I’ve bought it.

If you’re looking for a swiss army knife of neat, little apps, consider AppBox Pro.

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