Camera + Ultimate Photo App Review

camera + effects screenThis is a review of Camera + the iPhone app.

I am new to the whole iPhone app thing. Owning an iPad, I am used to apps, but the photo functionality is new. My main use for a cell phone is the camera. Prior to upgrading to the iPhone, I was a staunch blackberry user, but the photos were just horrible.

Looking for a handy and cool iPhone app isn’t easy. There are a ton of them in the app store, but you quickly get to the heart of the matter by looking at the best selling apps. Coming in at 99 cents, Camera + steals the show. It is very easy to use, intuitive and has a host of features and effects. I did buy the optional analog pack for 99 cents and I recommend you do the same.

Here is what I love about the Camera + app:

  1. Burst mode: You can take continuous pictures to catch the shot you want. The caveat is that they are lower quality shots.
  2. Preview of effects: The interface for looking at effects is intuitive and awesomely quick.
  3. Touch focus and exposure: By using two fingers you can tell the app where to focus and set exposure level.

camera + main screenHere is what I think could improve in Camera +:

  1. Noise reduction: It would be awesome if they included this as a control.
  2. Picasa integration: You can one touch share on Flickr, Facebook and Twitter, but not Picasa.

Buy this app and it will make you the envy of your family at the next get together.

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