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Flackers CrackersIf you eat the low carb way, you know it is hard to find crackers that are low in carbs. Crackers can be used for many things, but I find I miss them most for tuna and cheese spread.

Flackers are a low carb cracker made with flax seed by Doctor in the Kitchen. The doctor in the kitchen is actually Dr. Alison Levitt, M.D. and she developed these crackers for her patients.

When you look at the Flackers you might think they are bird seed. In fact, I joke with everyone they are my bird seed crackers. Of the three flavors, I’ve only tried the savory blend.

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How are they? Delicious. They stay hard when you put food on them and they are very crispy. Shipping in a plastic, sealed bag, you need to cut the bag open to eat them. The problem with this is if you do not transfer the crackers to Ziploc bag they will get softer.

Flackers BoxAs I said, the Flackers are low carb, but also Gluten free. Here are the first four items on the ingredient list:

  1. Organic golden flax seeds
  2. Organic brown flax seeds
  3. Organic apple cider vinegar
  4. Vegtable protein

They sport 8g of carbs, but have 7g of dietary fiber, so the net carbs per 3 flackers is only 1.

If you are looking for a great, healthy cracker, grab some Flackers.

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