Otterbox Defender for iPhone Review

otterbox defender front
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The following is a review of the Otterbox Defender for iPhone. The product was purchased with our own money.


Otterbox has long had a reputation as being the go to case folks. I remember when I first bought a palm pilot the second purchase was an Otterbox. Recently, the family upgraded to iPhone 4s on the Verizon network, so it became imperative to protect them. The phones, not the family members.

I ordered the Otterbox off Amazon and got a killer deal. You can order one, too. By clicking on the following:

Otterbox Defender Series Case for the Apple iPhone 4 (Verizon & AT&T) Retail Packaging (Black)

Anyway, installation was a snap, literally. The instructions included were easy to follow without any issues. There are a few things to know about this case:

  1. Belt case. There is a belt case that is super huge, though it does rotate for horizontal or vertical use.
  2. Lint magnet. You can see from the photos in this post that the Defender case is a lint magnent.
  3. Sturdy as steel. Ok, that is an overstatement, but the case is fantastic! While I haven’t tried to throw it on the concrete or anything, I do feel more secure that my iPhone is protected.

If you are interested in protecting your expensive phone, please consider the Otterbox Defender. It allows you to not worry about your iPhone.

otterbox defender top
Top - Click for Full Size
otterbox defender back
Back - Click for Full Size

otterbox defender side
Side – Click for Full Size

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