Pano iPhone App Review

pano-ghostThis is a review of Pano iPhone App for creating photo panoramas.

I am running through some of the better iPhone apps I’ve bought and next on the list is Pano by Debacle Software. Since I used my cell phone mostly for a camera, it’s important to find very useful apps. Pano is definitely one of the cooler apps.

What Pano does is create panoramic photos from a series of photos you take. So what, right? Well, Pano automates this process through two easy ways:

  1. Auto stitching: The program will automatically stitch together different photos and assemble the final product.
  2. Overlays: This is where Pano really shines. It allows you to take a photo then prompts you for the next one in the series. As it does that, half the screen is filled with a ghost image you can use to line up the panorama. Awesome.

Pano allows you to switch between landscape and portrait modes and has virtually no limit to the panorama you can make. It is pretty much to perfect in terms of features, but there is not zoom or flash control.

The photos are gorgeous. Here is a collection of Pano photos and here is an example panorama shot I took in downtown Las Vegas. Make sure you download the photo to see it in all the glory.

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