Trident Vitality Gum Review

trident vitality awakenThis is a review of Trident Vitality Awaken Gum. Trident Vitality Gum, Sugarfree Awaken Ginseng- 10/9 Piece Packs

I am a complete sucker for new gum formulas. If I see something at the checkout lane, I’ll grab a pack to try it. So, imagine my excitement when I saw the new Trident Vitality gum. Looking closed I realized it had a Ginseng flavor that is right up my alley.

Trident Vitality Awaken offers a Ginseng extract in a peppermint flavor. The gum comes is small squares and there are nine in a pack. I paid a little over a dollar for the pack, so it isn’t as valuable as you would expect.

The gum is delicious and it seems to perk me up in the morning. If I start a couple pieces in the morning they last to lunch and through my workout. It lasts a long time and actually does refresh you.

Trident has a winner with the new Trident Vitality gum.

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