Disney Princess Band Aids Review

disney princess band aids photoThis is a review of Disney Princess Band Aids.

When you have a two year old there are many times you’ll hear:

“Ouch, kiss it.”

“Oh, oh, band aid.”

“Boo boo, kiss it and Band Aid.”

Two year olds inevitably end up with scratch and dings. It is a fine line obsessing about every ouchie or boo boo and dealing with the real issues. Band Aids seem to be a cure-all, which is awesome since Johnson and Johnson have Disney Princess Band Aids. I learned that Band Aid is a registered trademark of Johnson and Johnson and not a generic term. Who knew?

Band Aids, as everyone knows, are the kings of the adhesive bandage market. You expect quality and they deliver. What they also deliver in their licensed Band Aids is something that every parent should want. Distraction. When my daughter has an ouchie requiring a Band Aid, we get a chance to distract her by talking about the princesses on the Band Aid. Well done.

Band-Aid Brand Princesses, 20-count Boxes (Pack of 6)

The Band Aids work great, but I have two things I don’t like:

  1. Keep a better balance in size of Band Aids. We don’t need three hundred small ones.
  2. Cloth would rock. The ones available are plastic or latex or something that isn’t cloth. It’d be nice to get cloth ones even if we have to pay a little more.

If you have a two years and he or she loves the princesses from Disney, you should rush out and buy these to make boo boo time easier.

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