High review

high photoThe following is a review of the play High at the St. Louis Rep Theater.

High is a play by Matthew Lombardo about drug addiction, religion and much more.

The highlight of the play was Kathleen Turner. She brought a great deal of energy and gusto to her part as Sister Jamison, a recovering addict helping Evan Jonigkeit’s character of Cody Randall.

The play’s action takes place on a sparse set, but the lighting is fantastic. The characters interact through a small space, but towards the end of the first act action abounds. Cody attempts to force himself on Sister Jamison, which causes running and action. Oh, and male nudity.

The second act brings the story to a tidy close showing the relationship among all the characters.

What I liked about the play:

  1. Kathleen Turner’s performance was strong and vibrant.
  2. The set design and lighting was fantastic.

What I didn’t like about the play:

  1. The male nudity was just for shock value.
  2. The audience. Someone in the audience interrupted the performance three times by talking on a cell, leaving the auditorium and returning. Embarassing.


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