Ice Breakers Orangeade Review

ice breakers orangeadeThis is a review of Ice Breakers Orangeade.

I like mints and my favorite brand right now is Ice Breakers. You can buy them in a little plastic container for a little under $2 and they seem to last forever. They are made by the Hershey Company and come in a variety of flavors. This review covers the Orangeade flavor.

The first thing you need to know is that this isn’t orange mint. Hershey has actually taken fruit and made it an effective breath freshener. The orange isn’t hot or warm, but as it dissolves it coats your mouth. Hard to describe, it is like those scrubbing bubble commercials from the 70s. You can really feel the Orangeade getting to work.

The test of the breath mint is fantastic. My only disappointment, if you want to call it that, is that it usually takes three or four Oranageades to work as opposed to one or two of their normal Ice Breakers.

Hershey also have a Limeade that is very good, but both are hard to find. They have a great site to help you locate what you need.

Ice Breakers Wintergreen Sugar Free Mints, 1.5-Ounce Tins (Pack of 16)

If you want a fruity breath mint, you cannot go wrong with Ice Breakers Orangeade.


  1. It does suck. I was able to gather a collection from some local walmarts.

    What I noticed they have done is come out with a fruit punch flavored one. Have you tried them? The wife likes them, but I am not a big fan.

  2. Support the petition! I totally miss the orangeade mints. I used to buy at least 5 containers whenever I’m at Walmart, and always spam 3 to 4 mints at one go. I’ve tried the fruit punch flavor, but It doesn’t taste as zesty as the orangeade, and there is nothing else that replace it!

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