Kim’s Deli Pop Review

kims deli pop photoThis is a review of Kim’s Deli Pop.

You know how you’re sometimes drawn to machinery for the coolness factor? Well, it happened to me in a grocery store. Yes, a grocery store.

Our local upscale grocery store is Dierbergs and you can always count on them having things you cannot find anywhere else. Kim’s Deli Pop is one of these things. The first time we saw them being made we knew it was cool. Sitting and watching the mix go in, hearing the machine and then smelling the final product. Oh, yeah.

So, what is the final product? It is a very light, very crispy rice cake type thing. It’s made with wheat, brown rice and barley and tastes pretty good by itself. The real magic starts when you add a spread to the roughly four inch diameter cake. I prefer whipped cream cheese, while my wife prefers jam. Whatever you put on the Kim’s Deli Pop it is delicious.

The nutrition isn’t too shabby, either. It only has 2 carbs and no fat. It does contain wheat and soy.

What I like about Kim’s Deli Pop:

  1. Light and delicious.
  2. Low carb.
  3. Fun to watch being made.

What I don’t like about Kim’s Deli Pop:

  1. I can only find them at one Dierberg’s store in St. Louis.

If you want a light, tasty treat, you would be hard pressed to find something better than Kim’s Deli Pop.

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