Macbeth review

macbeth photoThis is a review of Macbeth at the St. Louis Repertory Theater in 2011.

Seeing Shakespeare performed is always a crap shoot. I never enjoyed reading Shakespeare in high school, but I’ve grown to enjoy the theater version of his work. While I have my favorites, Macbeth isn’t one of them. I’ve always found it to be a little heavy and over the top. This is why I was apprehensive when I saw the production.

Once Macbeth started all my concerns were alleviated. The director, Paul Mason Barnes,  assembled the actors in the beginning through a quick narrative and  greeting that explained the parts. This became critical as many actors played multiple roles. The real gem, though, was Timothy D. Stickney.

Timothy made the production for me. I was riveted to every scene he was in and transfixed every time he spoke. His command of the part was something I’ve never seen in a live production of Shakespeare. Many times I feel the actors are co-opting or building on a performance from someone else, but Timothy seemed to be Macbeth.

The whole play was fantastic, energizing and emotional. There was just one part that made me uncomfortable and that was when the Macduff family is murdered. The screaming and panic in the children was well delivered.

The 2011 performance of Macbeth at the St. Louis Repertory Theater was a highpoint for me in my experience.

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