Over the tavern review

over the tavern photoThis is a review of Over the Tavern at the St. Louis Rep Theater.

When you see live theater you expect a few things:

1) Entertainment.

2) Good acting.

3) Enjoyment.

Over the Tavern at the St. Louis Rep Theater delivered on all three counts.

Over the Tavern is a comedy play by Tom Dudzick.  The play looks at a Polish catholic family in the 1950s living above a tavern they own in Buffalo, NY. The action centers around the middle son’s questioning of faith, resistance to a nun’s authority and a father’s long lost secret.

The main characters were well cast especially the middle son Rudy and the youngest, developmentally disabled son, Georgie. The character that steals the show, though, is the mother. Her character ties everyone together.

I enjoyed the set design and the touches of 1950s, such as the billboard outside and the appliances. The flourishing touch, though, was the metal glasses people used well into the 1970s.

A curious note, though. When I spoke to my mother in law she was against going to the play due to catholic bashing. Let me assure you, it uses a gentle stick to poke fun. Any religious questions related to Catholicism are used a device to relate the father’s secret.


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