Planters Flavor Grove Skinless Almonds Cracked Pepper Review

planters flavor grove cracked peperThis is a review of Planters Flavor Grove Skinless Almonds Cracked Pepper.

You really do learn something new everyday. Until today, I had no idea that almonds could be skinless, let alone sold like that. Yes, I realize that there aren’t skinless almond trees, but almond skin has never really bothered me.

Planters has skinned their almonds and added seasoning. There are a variety of flavors, but I chose the Cracked Pepper with Onion and Garlic.

When you choose flavored nuts you need to ensure they don’t load them down with heavy additives. Planters and Kraft got it perfect this time with nary an additive outside of the spices.

Speaking of the spices, when I first tried the almonds I was shocked my mouth didn’t feel more on fire. The spices weren’t initimidating, so I thought the almonds sucked.

Then I ate more.

And more.

Then the next day I bought another bag.

Oh, yeah, these are delicious. Seriously, they nailed the perfect amount of spice in almonds.

Planters Flavor Grove Skinless Almonds, Cracked Pepper with Onion & Garlic 6 oz (170 g)

Looking for a healthy snack that won’t weigh you down, grab a bag of the Cracked Pepper Almonds.

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