Planters South Beach Nutrition Mix Review

planters south beach nutrition mixThis is a review of Planters South Beach Nutrition Mix.

I am a big fan of nuts as snacks. The big daddy in the nut business is Planters. They offer a mix for everyone and I really enjoy the Planters South Beach Nutrition Mix.

First, Nutrition is an awesome name for a product line. Whoever came up with this name deserves a promotion.

Second, the mix is delicious. I don’t know much about the South Beach Diet, but I think it is a low carb sort of diet. Whatever. The mix of nuts Planters brings to the container rocks.

You get the following type of nuts:

1) Cashews

2) Almonds

3) Macadamia Nuts

4) Peanuts

Unlike other companies that slam a ton of lesser nuts, such as peanuts, into their mixes, Planters does a great job of ensuring the mix is consistent. While there weren’t as many Macadamia Nuts as I’d like, the mix does work well on all levels. There is some oil involved in the mix, but nothing that sticks to your hands or make you feel messy as you eat them.

They are sort of expensive coming in at about $5 retail for the 9.5 ounce container. You can get coupons at POS that lessen the cost.

The container itself is practical, though the ridge or lip of the container does prevent you from easily getting the last little bits out.

Planters NUT-rition Mix (Macademias, Cashews and Almonds), Lightly Salted, 9.75-Ounce Cans (Pack of 3)

And, really, the mix is so good you’re going to want to get those last little bits.

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