Trident Cinnamon Gum Review

trident cinnamon gumThis is a review of trident cinnamon gum.

We’re frequent shoppers of Sam’s Club, so we buy things in bulk. One of those things is Trident Cinnamon Gum. It is old school Trident where the pieces are small rectangles. Lest you think the small pieces somehow hinder the flavor, it doesn’t. The cinnamon flavor lasts a long time.

The 18 pieces for pack lasts almost two weeks for me since I use two pieces when working out. Yep, I find that gum helps me work out longer and the cinnamon has enough twinge to make things move along.

I cannot speak to the benefits of Trident gum for the dental arena, but yhe gum is a winner since the flavor lasts a long time.

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