Atkins Daybreak Cranberry Almond Bar Review

atkins-daybreak-cranberry-almond-review-photoThis is a review of Atkins Daybreak Cranberry Almond Bars.

I usually don’t like the Atkins line of low carb products. They aren’t made by anyone associated with Atkins, but by licensees. The products are also cheap attempts to mimic other, more tasty products.

It was with trepidation that I bought a box of the Atkins Daybreak Cranberry Almond bars. They are fruit and nut low carb bars, which is something you don’t see these days. Most of the low carb bars are chocolate based, which means a ton of sugar alcohols.

The bars taste delicious, though. You can taste the cranberry and almond. There is a slight glaze on the bottom of the bar that mimics yogurt, but tastes fine. There is a small after taste that is best described as a chewy paper toughness, but this is overshadowed by the cranberry flavor.

Atkins – Day Break Cranberry Almond, 5 bars

The Daybreak bars have 10g of protein and only 9g of sugar alcohols. Contrast that to the last bar I reviewed that had 20 grams.

Eating low carb and looking for something fruity? The Atkins Daybreak Cranberry Almond bars are for you.

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