Clancy’s Cheese Dip Review

clancys-cheese-dip-revieThis is a review of Clancy’s Cheese Dip.

Aldi is a grocery store known for the inexpensive prices and their limited choices. They have a ton of store brands and Clancy’s is one of them. In this case, it is Clancy’s Cheese dip.

The dip is just like Cheez Whiz. It comes in a glass jar with a metal lid and is meant to be microwaved and served.

I use the cheese dip in the following ways:

Covering vegetables. This is probably my number one use.

A base. Using the dip as a base for creating another dip works well. Add some tomatoes and seasoning and it makes a delicious mexican dip.

Pasta sauce. While it is too heavy to use on its own as pasta sauce, you can add a small amount to another sauce to add creaminess.

Of course this opens up the whole argument about whether you should scoop out some prior to heating or heat in the jar. I scoop out prior for the simple fact it makes putting it away easier.

There are no downsides to this cheese dip. It is delicious, inexpensive and easy.

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