Coby ear buds cve92 review

coby-ear-buds-cve92-review-photoThis is a review of Coby ear buds cve92.

I am very serious about my music while working out. For years I didn’t make the leap to ear buds, preferring a small, Sony headset. They broke way too easily, so I moved to ear buds. Sony was my choice, but they were crappily made and kept breaking.

Yeah, I’ve learned my lesson.

Since I spent bucks on the Sony models and they broke, I thought, “Why not go cheap?”

Amazon has a wide variety of ear buds, but one is constantly reviewed highest and at about $6 the price cannot be beat. The ear buds are the Coby CVE92.

I have no idea what the model number stands for, but the ear buds are great. No, you aren’t going to get concert sound from them, but they work well.

They are my everyday workout ear buds and they do the job well. Occasionally, the left bud will become unlodged from my ear. That is the only issue I’ve had with them.

If you’re looking for cheap, durable ear buds, grab a set of the Coby CVE92s.

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