Dark chocolate raisinets review

This is a review of Dark chocolate raisinets.

Sugar based candy isn’t something I normally go for and dark chocolate isn’t my preferred chocolate. I am a milk chocolate guy. Anyway, how tough can it be to chocolate coat raisins?

If you’re Nestle it can be hard. Literally.

While the majority of the raisins were plump and delicious, more than a few were little bits of hard fruit. Blech. Since I don’t eat raisinets that often it could be something that is expected.


The dark chocolate is a little bitter, which is to be expected. The raisins were covered properly and more important, consistently.

The Dark Chocolate Raisinets really didn’t do it for me, though you may have better luck.

Raisinets Dark Chocolate, 1.58-Ounce Packages (Pack of 36)Chocolate)

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