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Dierbergs-website-review-photoThis is a review of Dierbergs website.

Dierbergs is the high end grocery store chain in St. Louis. They are well respected for their selection and offerings, but known as the higher priced store.

Their website is attractive and I really enjoy:

Ordering Prepared Food – This is not ordering grocery items, but items from their deli and kitchen. Dierbergs is known for their high quality food and this is simple. You do not pay online, but select a store to pick it up from.

Recipes – Their receipe section is better than some stand alone websites. You can find a number of recipes, but more importantly it shows complete nutritional info. I wish you could email yourself the recipes, though.

What I didn’t like:

Newsletter – I wanted to sign up for a newsletter or two, actually the weekly ad, but was presented with a Firefox security warning. Yes, I know it is an invalid certificate, but it is unexpected.

Weekly Ads – This was frustrating. You are shown a list of stores and you can select from a drop down list. Never mind the rest of the sites shows a nice map, but a drop down is cool. Once your selection is made, nothing happens. After about 5-10 seconds you are shown store information and the option to read the weekly ad. Wait a minute, I already told you I wanted to see the ad. 😛

I liked the site for the extras, but the basics were lacking. I’d like to be able to get an email with the latest ad and somehow sending myself the recipes with ingredient list would rock.

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