Doctor Kracker Klassic 3 Seed Snackers Review

doctor-kracker-klassic-3-seed-snackers-review-photoThis is a review of Doctor Kracker Klassic 3 Seed Snackers.

Each month or so I take a few minutes to see if there is anything new on’s website. Let me preface that by saying, that I am eating a low-carb diet and like looking for anything that resembles snack food without the guilt of heavy carbohydrates. Last month one of my new picks was for Doctor Kracker’s Klassic 3 Seed Snackers. I’m kind of old-school… when I saw ‘Doctor’ on the package I was sold that it was a healthy choice! A tasty snack was what I was hoping for.

The snackers arrived in their own sealed clear container, weighing all but 6 ounces. I put them away on my shelf of other low-carb snacks; not forgetting they were there, just waiting for the right compliment. Today I had just that! I finally had the perfect snacker compliment just waiting for me to dip with… some BBQ Chicken Salad from one of our favorite local grocers, Dierbergs.

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I must say, these snackers are truly scrumptious! I was expecting something flaky and thin, but they were anything but! I noticed right away when I picked one up that these snacker crackers were mighty, about 1/8″ thick! In other words, this is no flaky cracker! This is a cracker that can stand up to any thick dip you dive into, the cracker will not break off! The taste was awesome too! I gobbled up my 6 snackers that made up a complete serving and even treated myself to an extra. These were just THAT good!

Please let me know if you enjoyed them as much as I did!

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