Handmaster garden gloves review

handmaster-garden-gloves-review-photoThis is a review of Handmaster garden gloves.

I hate working out in the yard. When I do work out in the yard, I like to ensure my tools are up to the task. If something breaks when I am working or fails to deliver on what you expect, then I am bummed for the rest of the day.

Did I mention I hate yard work?

We needed knew outdoor gloves given the wet spring we’ve had, so we decided on a pair of Handmaster Garden Gloves. The label says they are for gathering, weeding and planting.

Let’s see:

Gathering: Worked fine without any problems at all. The knit weave allows you to gather more sticks, etc. without hurting your hands.

Weeding: Sucked. Maybe we have tougher weeds in Missouri, but the gloves just weren’t up to the task. For about half the weeds it worked well, but if your weed has roots these gloves really don’t help.

Planting: Worked ok. Nothing special.

The label claims that the dots for “grip and longer wear.” Fantastic, but the dots really don’t last that long.

If you’re looking for garden gloves for light duty, these are the gloves for you. If you’re looking to be all pioneerish, save your money.

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