Hot Tub Time Machine Review

hot-tub-time-machine-photoThis is a review of Hot Tub Time Machine.

Hot Tub Time Machine is a goofy comedy with science fiction roots. It stars John Cusack, Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson and Clark Duke. The premise is a time travel movie where everyone is transported from today back to the 1980s. The time travel occurs through a time machine infused with a weird Russian energy drink.

Yeah, if you’re going to go with time travel you have to go with an energy drink as the reason.

Cusack, Corddry and Robinson are sent back to a point in the 1980s where they are young, fun and having a great time. Duke is sent back, as well, but is way too young to have lived through the 1980s.

The movie has great pace. It doesn’t linger too long and includes jokes almost non-stop. There is some touchy-feely scenes that drag down a little, but it is all brought to a roar by Corddry and Duke. In the second half of the movie they literally carry the movie to the finish line.

What is enjoyable about Hot Tub Time Machine:

  • Comedic pacing
  • Jokes
  • The 1980s

What isn’t enjoyable about Hot Tub Time Machine:

  • The romantic scene involving Cusack.

Looking for a funny movie to get you out of your funk? Hot Tub Time Machine is for you.

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