Jot Number Two Pencils Review

This is a review of Jot Number Two Pencils.

Jot pencils are normal, number two pencils. You can pick up a pack of 20 of them at any dollar store.


When you talk about pencils there are three things:

1) Durability – A pencil needs to last along time. The Jot pencils last longer than normal pencils due to their flexibility and strength. What would have killed a normal pencil had no effect on Jot.

2) Tip life – The pencil tip needs to last a long time after being sharpened and the Jot pencil does that. Some pencils will quickly lose their head and make it impossible to get clear, legible writing from them. Jot stays sharp and focused.

3) Comfort – Jot is a standard pencil, so there is nothing especially comfortable about it. It seems to be softer than other pencils I’ve used, but in the end you’ll end up using a pen or pencil cushion.

Cheap pencils don’t have to be low quality. Jot pencils are more durable than any other pencil at the dollar store.

Dixon Ticonderoga 13872 Woodcase Pencil, HB #2, Yellow Barrel, 96 per Pack

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