Mystery Team Movie Review

mystery-team-movie-review-photoThis is a review of the movie Mystery Team.

I love Netflix, but I love their recommendation algorithms even more. Based on your previous viewing history and ratings, Netflix will spit out a list of movies you’ll enjoy. A few weeks ago, it suggested Mystery Team, a comedy.

When I watch movies I typically do something else. They are in the background and from time to time I might gaze up at them. I’ve often said I watch movies like people used to listen to radio. With Mystery Team I actually stopped working and watched the movie.

Starring Donald Glover from Community, the movie is a spoof of the Encyclopedia Brown book series we all read growing up. The assembled mystery team includes Donald, DC Pierson and Dominic Dierkes. Each has a special ability.

  • Donald is the master of disguises, though they are very rarely effective.
  • DC is the smartest kid around since he read a book of trivia in fourth grade.
  • Dominic is the brawn of the group, though he is overmatched every time he uses his power.

The film is an entertaining spoof, but I think it shows more that the future of comedy doesn’t have to be rooted in vulgarity. Don’t get me wrong, vulgarity has a place, but Mystery Team showed the old standbys of toilet humor and cerebral wit are still very funny.

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