Nature’s Nectar Apple Juice Review

natures-nectar-apple-juice-review-photoThis is a review of Nature’s Nectar Apple Juice.

Sold at Aldi, Nature’s Nectar is their house brand of juice. This is the 2 quart (64 ounce) plastic bottle of apple juice. We buy this for our daughter.

Coming in at $2.49, the apple juice is a very good deal compared to many of the national brands. Nature’s Nectar says it is 100% juice from concentrate. I won’t attempt to explain the difference, but you do get 130% of your needed vitamin C in a serving.

I tried explaining this to my three year old and all she said in response was, “Straw please, daddy.”

I asked her more questions after giving the straw, but she was too busy drinking the apple juice. She loves it and we do, too.

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