Nature’s Nectar Fruit Punch Review

natures-nectar-fruit-punch-review-photoThis is a review of Nature’s Nectar Fruit Punch.

The fruit punch comes in the foil pouches with the disposable straw. That was silly, all straws are pretty much disposable. Anyway, the fruit punch is sold through Aldi and is affordable.

I don’t drink the fruit punch, but our youngest daughter does.

Here is what she enjoys:

The taste. No weird faces, no pushes. She drinks it all.

The packaging. It is formed properly and she can hold it in her smaller hands without a problem. When she gets to the end, she can scrunch it to get the last little drops.

Here is what I don’t like:

Thin skinned. The foil is nice and all, but something has to give. The straw is made of titanium or something, because every time I attempt to puncture the hole, it goes through both sides. Of course, you can imagine the mess that is made when something sticky leaks out.

Aldi always provides good products and great prices. The Nature’s Nectar Fruit Punch is no different.

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