Netrition Review

netrition-review-photoThis is a review of Netrition.

When low carb was all the rage, it was easy to find new and exciting products to eat. Now that the fad has passed, it’s not so easy. Netrition is an online store dedicated to low carb products. Well, it is a subset of what they sell. They have a tagline – “The Internet’s Premiere Nutrition Superstore!” TM What I know about Netrition is that they have a large selection of low carb products that you cannot find at retail stores.

What I like about Netrition:

  • They offer a wide variety. Again, it is hard to find low carb products in stores, but Netrition seems to have them all.
  • Their shipping. They charge a standard $4.95 for UPS shipping. I think they do this through magic.
  • Free gifts/discounts. If you spend more than $75 you get a free gift such as a tshirt. Spend more than $200 and you’re saving 5%.

What I don’t like about Netrition:

  • Reordering – When you view a previous order you cannot control how many of a product you want to reorder. It assumes one, which leads to more work if you want to add more.
  • Out of stock items – Sometimes Netrition will run out of stock on items. You can order the item, but the rest of your shipment will be delayed until it is back in stock. Ugh. At least let me have the option of paying an additional $4.95. Yes, I understand I can place a second order, but it would be better to handle this through one order.

I’ve only had to engage Netrition’s customer service twice. Once when they omitted several products from my shipment and another when one of the products sucked. Both times they were very friendly and really worked to ensure I was satisfied.

Netrition is the type of internet company everyone should deal with. Honest, friendly and offers a wide variety of products.

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