Northern Catch Solid White Tuna Review

northern-catch-solid-white-tuna-review-photoThis is a review of Northern Catch Solid White Tuna.

Thanks to my brother in law, I am sort of a tuna snob now. I’ve gone through phases with tuna in my life. When I was a kid I didn’t like it. Young adulthood came and I would eat any tuna. Now, it has to be white tuna. This is where the brother in law comes in. He is the one that first insisted on white tuna. While I think he goes for albocore, I’ll go with any white tuna.

Aldi sells their Northern Catch brand of White Tuna for a little over a dollar a can. It is a fantastic deal for the amount of protein you get. My preferred way of eating it is to mix in some mayonnaise, salt and pepper then spread it over Flackers.

Here is what is good about the tuna:

Cheap. I think Aldi would prefer the term inexpensive. Whatever works.

Solid. Sometimes I’ve bought other brands and it seems there are bits and pieces of tuna meat. Northern Catch is truly solid and flaky.

What I don’t like:

Nothing. Really, it is perfect tuna.

If you’d like affordable, white tune, you cannot go wrong with great tasting Northern Catch from Aldi.


  1. I have a complaint that the tuna I have bought lately has turned to mush in the can, or turns to mush as soon as I mix it to make sandwiches or casseroles. with the economy like it is I depend on these dishes to serve as a main meal. We eat tuna at least twice a week to extend our budget and for the health benifits. We have purchased this brand from Aldi’s in Topeka Ks. and really like the taste but the tuna needs to be firmer to be useful to cook with. Thank you for your time. I am looking forward to your response.

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