Shop N Save Website Review

Shop-N-Save-Website-Review-photoThis is a review of the Shop N Save website.

Shop N Save is a regional grocery chain in St. Louis. They are known in the market as the low cost, medium service option for groceries. At Shop N Save you bag your own groceries, though they do have staffed deli and seafood counters.

Their website is like stepping back into the early 2000s complete with the scrolling text. The site is quick, but make sure you go to and not If you go to, you’ll see their root index page. It appears a redirect isn’t configured properly.

Here is what I like about the site:

The Weekly Ads – I have mixed feelings on this one, but I think it is a positive. When you go to the weekly ads page, you’re prompted to select the store you would like. They offer three different options. After the store is selected, you can choose among seven different items. Three of them are ads running through different media, while four aren’t ads at all.  I list it as a positive since it is so complete.

Fast – The site blazes. It responds well and comes back right away.

This is what I didn’t like:

Sparse information – If you click on the Bakery option you get six sentences and none of the information is helpful. It is the same for all the departments as this example from the Frozen department shows:

In our frozen department, we carry a full line of frozen products including ice cream, pizzas, entrees, vegetables and juices. So remember to shop the frozen department and select from our everyday low prices or check out the red tag specials for additional savings.

Shop N Save is really missing the opportunity to engage customers. A generic throwaway line or two doesn’t help.
Offsite pushes – Want recipes? Gift cards? Coupons? Shop N Save sends you off the site to a third party site.
Shop N Save’s site performs well, but offers very little in the way of engagement.

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