Steak and Rice Kirkwood Missouri Review

Steak-and-Rice-Kirkwood-Missouri-Review-PhotoThis is a review of Steak and Rice in Kirkwood, Missouri.

Chinese food is a rare indulgence for us, so when we go for it we like it to be good. Steak and Rice in Kirkwood, MO is housed in a former Hardees building at the corner of Big Bend and Kirkwood Road.

We don’t usually eat inside the restaurant, but it is pleasantly decorated. Our latest trip was a carry out, so we could enjoy a movie at home.

When you call to place an order you’ll deal with someone related to the owners. Steak and Rice is a family owned business and it shows. The order taker ensures your order is accurate and there is no forced upselling.

We ordered Kung Pao Chicken, Hot Braised Chicken combo, 1/2 order of fried chicken and crab rangoon. The combo meals are a great deal since they include a 1/2 order of an entree, soup and crab rangoon.

The food was ready within 20 minutes and bagged is paper grocery bags stapled on top. This works very well keeping the heat inside the bag. Everything was boxed properly and no spilling was experienced.

The food comes in either styrofoam or the typicla chinese paper boxes. The crab rangoon comes in a wx paper bag.

All the food was delicious. Some highlights:

  • They added green beans to the Kung Pao Chicken as requested.
  • The chicken friend rice was perfect and packed into the box.
  • The crab rangoon was light, airy and tangy.
  • The hot braised chicken had the perfect amount of sauce.

Steak and Rice is Chinese food done right. We love eating their food and enjoying the great service.

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