Xmarks bookmark service review

xmarks-bookmark-service-review-photoThis is a review of Xmarks bookmark service.

I have been a customer of Xmarks almost since their inception and Foxmarks. Xmarks is an online bookmark service that not only stores and synchronizes your bookmarks, it allows you to store open tabs and more.

The service works through a browser plugin to capture and distribute your saved bookmarks across all your browsers. For instance, I use Firefox as my primary browser on one PC, but Chrome on another. With Xmarks I know that a bookmark saved on Firefox will show up on Chrome.

Although the base service is free, you can pay for additional features. I do pay for the additional services and they are worth it. You get:

  • Mobile access on a variety of platforms.
  • Storage of open tabs.
  • Complete backup and restore of bookmarks.

One of the other features you get when you pay is priority support. I’ve never used it, but I am glad it is there.

I cannot say there is anything missing from Xmarks. It does what it says. If you’re looking for a way to control your bookmarks and bring organization to chaos, Xmarks is the solution.

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