Atkins Sweet and Salty Almond Crunch Bar Review

atkins-sweet-and-salty-almond-crunch-bar-review-photoThis is a review of Atkins Sweet and Salty Almond Crunch Bar.

From time to time I will step out from my normal low carb energy bars and purchase something new. This time I selected the Atkins Sweet and Salty Almond Crunch bars. They looked intriguing and I thought I’d like the contrasting taste.

Um, no, I didn’t.

These bars are horrible. There isn’t just a splash of salty. No, it is like pursing your lips, planting them on the metal dispenser of a salt container and pouring.

The salty taste is so overwhelming you can never taste anything else. Nothing. Not the sweet, not the almonds. Nothing.

How to deal with sports injuires as a real person.

I had two bites just to make sure I hadn’t made a mistake.

I hadn’t.

Do yourself a favor and skip these bars. If you find yourself stranded in the arctic and it is a choice between lichen and this bar, use this bar to scoop up the lichen.

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