Bella Vita Low Carb Pasta Sauce Review

bella-vita-low-carb-pasta-sauce-review-photoThis is a review of Bella Vita Low Carb Pasta Sauce.

Good pasta sauce is hard to find whether you are eating low carb or not. You can have low carbs or great taste. It is very hard to get both, but with Bella Vita you do get both.

The sauce comes in a glass container with 26 full ounces. The flavor we enjoy the most is meat, but the spicy tomato was just as good. The sauce is not too thin and the taste is phenomenal.

The total carb count for the meat flavor comes to 4 net grams.

What I like about Bella Vita Low Carb Pasta Sauce:

  • Taste – Rich, thick Italian and full of flavor.
  • Consistency – It is not thin and sticks to pasta very, very well.

What I dislike about Bella Vita Low Carb Pasta Sauce:

  • Nothing – It is a perfect product.

Bella Vita has a winner in the low carb past sauce arena that brings full flavor and taste.

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