Bridgeton McDonalds Review

bridgeton-mcdonalds-review-photoThis is a review of the McDonalds located in Bridgeton, MO.

It may seem odd reviewing a McDonalds, but when you visit a specific one as often as I do, it is worth taking a look at.

I believe this McDonalds is franchise owned and it shows. The owners appear to be actively engaged and the crew seems motivated to provide good customer service.

The store is almost always clean. There are only a couple of times where I’ve noticed it wasn’t perfect and that was during a lunch rush.

It doesn’t have a play area and the sign out front stays the same, but the real value in this location is the employees.

Two employees really make you feel welcome in the store, Justean and Hershelle.

Justean works in the morning and is always friendly and ensures your order is complete. Geraldine works over the lunch hour and not only ensures the order is complete, but she is enthusiastic about her work.

Choosing where to eat at breakfast or lunch is sometimes a toss up, but the Bridgeton area has a distinct winner with the employees of the Bridgeton McDonalds.


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