Centurion Movie Review

centurion-movie-review-photoThis is a review of the movie Centurion.

Centurion is a 2010 British film that focuses on the story of centurion Quintus Dias and his fellow Romans’ efforts to best the Picts. The movie quickly moves from the armies of both sides fighting each other to individual groups taking it to each other.

On the Roman side are a handful of centurions left from a Pict ambush. On the Pict side are a group of people seeking revenge against Quintus Dias.

  • What I liked about Centurion:
  • Cinematography was excellent and breath-taking.
  • Acting was superb.
  • Fighting was exciting on all levels.

What I disliked about Centurion:

  • The story was a little shallow.
  • The political intrigue aspect appeared to be tacked on.

If you get a chance to see the movie, you won’t be disappointed. Centurion works on so many levels that it is a great investment of your time.

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