Cop Out Movie Review

cop-out-movie-review-photoThis is a movie review of Cop Out.

Cop Out is a movie starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan. It is directed by Kevin Smith, but not written by him.

The movie is a comedic take on a buddy cop movie that follows the story of Willis needing to pay for his daughter’s wedding. He does this by selling his sole valuable possession, a baseball card. As he attempts to sell the baseball card it is stolen and thus begins the heart of the movie.

What I enjoyed about Cop Out:

Bruce Willis – He can still carry a movie.

Seann William Scott – Still funny in almost every movie he’s in, Seann does a great job as a minor character.

What I didn’t enjoy about Cop Out:

The story – It made no sense. Yes, I understand a movie’s plot can vary and take liberty with certain things, but Cop Out just doesn’t make sense.

Tracy Morgan – Tracy seemed oddly cast as the buddy in this movie. There was no sense of a relationship or connection with Willis. To have a buddy movie they need to be, you know, buddies.

There are a couple of brief highlights in the movie, but it is probably a good idea to skip it.

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