Edward Jones Family YMCA Review

edward-jones-family-ymca-review-photoThis is a review of the Edward Jones Family YMCA.

Located in Maryland Heights, MO, the Edward Jones YMCA is named after the company that acts as the primary sponsor. It is a large YMCA by St. Louis standards and features a gym, swimming pool, weight room and cardio facilities.

I think the location is about 10 years old and it is starting to show some age. The ceiling in the hall to the weight room has issues during rain and the lockers are starting to form rust, but it is well maintained.

I primarily go to this location at lunch during the week, so my comments are based on that experience.

Here is what I like about the Edward Jones Family YMCA:

Front desk staff – Always friendly and welcoming, they are well versed on programs and current items.

Pool – The pool is large and I have yet to find it dirty. They do a great job ensuring there are enough lap lanes and keeping the pool safe. For families they have a three-story water slide that is on during the weekend.

Weight room – Superior in almost every detail, the weight room is complete and well-appointed. They have the best selection of equipment of any YMCA in the St. Louis area.

Steam room – The women’s and men’s locker room feature a steam room that is relaxing and engaging.

Here is what I dislike about the Edward Jones Family YMCA:

Floor staff – They seem to be competent, but not really friendly. If you engage them they seem cordial, but they don’t go out of their way to welcome you to the area. Really, they seem more focused on keeping the equipment clean.

Equipment sign up – There is no process for putting your name on a list for busy equipment. If you’re waiting for a bike to open up you can’t not the time you’ve been waiting. You literally have to wait, watch and sprint.

The Edward Jones Family YMCA is a fantastic place to work out and enjoy yourself. Regardless of the small blemishes in the experience, it is a supportive place of exercise.

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