Faust Park Butterfly House Review

faust-park-butterfly-house-review-photoThis is a review of the Faust Park Butterfly House.

St. Louis has many great places to spend time during the weekend and the Butterfly House should rank towards the top. Operated by the Missouri Botanical Garden, the Butterfly House offers a chance to see many species of butterflies and other insects up close.

The main attraction of the butterfly house is an environmentally controlled room where many butterfly species roam free. You can walk among them, watch them interact with each other and enjoy the fauna of a tropical region.

The tropical region you walk through is very warm and humid, so be prepared to sweat a little. Those wearing glasses will see a little fog.

To enter the tropical region you go through an ante chamber where you receive instructions. As you leave the tropical region you enter another ante chamber where you have to view a series of mirrors to ensure no butterflies hitched a ride.

Once you are through the tropical region you can enjoy the lobby area. Many different topics are covered with the highlight being a cockroach filled table you can put your head into.

The Butterfly House is a fantastic place to spend half a day with the family!

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