Last Night Movie Review

last-night-movie-review-photoThis is a review of the movie Last Night.

Last Night is a movie depicting the last night on earth. It takes you through the lives of different people and how they deal with the end. We never know what is causing the end nor do we see the end. You can guess it has something to do with the sun since the film cuts to bright lights. It is odd that everyone knows the exact time the world end.

How would you deal with the end of the world? The film does a good job from pretty much all perspectives. You have people losing respect for law, folks grabbing onto family and individuals living out their dreams.

The story doesn’t center on one character for too long, but after a while you find out how they are all interconnected. This story telling is natural and makes sense.

What I liked about Last Night:

Acting – Everyone did a top notch job in their characters, especially those who were focused on embracing the end.

Points of view – It was interesting to show how different people dealt with the situation. Whether it was a high school geek finally performing a piano recital or the thugs indiscriminately killing.

Suspense – You know the world is going to end and the film presents a countdown through a radio DJ working through the best songs ever. This list grows shorter and you begin feeling anxious.

What I disliked about Last Night:

Nothing – The film is very well done.

Last Night is an emotional film with many facets. It’s a film you want to watch, absorb and internalize. It is a fantastic way to spend an evening.


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