Mandrake Movie Review

mandrake-movie-review-photoThis is a movie review of Mandrake.

Mandrake is a SyFy original movie. The plot is interesting in that it assumes you know this is a tv based movie and not to expect much.

A rich person hires a bunch of mercenaries and academics to hunt down a dagger that was part of his family hundreds of years ago. In the course of finding the dagger, a team unleashes a spirit that can control various plant life in the jungle. Trees, plants and more come alive and attack.

I never quite figured out why the plants were attacking. I think it had something to do with dagger being taken, but I am not sure.

What I liked about Mandrake:

Length – It wasn’t very long, so it doesn’t take up too much time.

Natives – I thought the natives were created in an interesting way, especially their sacrifice.

What I disliked about Mandrake:

Special effects – You have to know it is a SyFy original movie, so it isn’t the best.

Acting – Yes, I know it isn’t a mainstream movie, but the acting was a little cheesy.

If you’re looking for something to watch while working, Mandrake is an easy movie to listen to.


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