Oscar Mayer Cheese Hot Dogs Review

oscar-mayer-cheese-hot-dogs-reviewThis is a review of Oscar Mayer Cheese Dogs.

I had no idea Oscar Mayer was a Kraft company until I did this review. Anyway, we’re talking hot dogs. Processed bundles of meat with cheese inserted into them. Now, before we begin understand that these are not gourmet hot dogs. You can pick them up at any grocery store or WalMart for less than $3.50. You get ten hot dogs, which makes no sense at all since you only get eight hot dog buns. We can address that later.

What is good about the Oscar Mayer Cheese Dogs:

  • Taste great – As hot dogs go these are tasty.
  • The cheese stays inside. Seriously, some cheese hot dogs leak all over the place.

What is bad about the Oscar Mayer Cheese Dogs:

  • Price. It is hard to find them on sale.

These hot dogs are tasty, clean to cook and perfectly sized!

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