Predators Movie Review

predators-movie-review-photoThis a review of the movie Predators.

Predators is a new way of looking at Predator franchise. It isn’t a reboot as much as it is a recasting of the tales. In fact, Predators references the original Predator movie starring Arnold.

In this movie a group of rouge people are parachuted onto a planet. Some have weapons and military backgrounds, while others are hired criminals. The group is left to find out where they are and the reveal of being on another planet is very well done. You actually feel the gut kick when they realize they aren’t on earth.

The movie focuses on the prisoners attempts to figure out why they are there and how to get off the planet.

What I liked about Predators:

  • The suspense of learning where and why they are on another planet.
  • Cinematography was fantastic. I am unsure if it was digital or what, but everything looked very real.
  • The one on one fight scene between the predator and the yakuza member.

What I disliked about Predators:

  • The Laurence Fishburne scene was puzzling and really didn’t do much for the movie.

Predators is a great science fiction action movie that won’t disappoint you.

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