React 5 Gum Review

react-5-gum-review-photoThis is a review of React 5 Gum.

Yeah, I am not hip or trendy, but I do enjoy gum. Wrigley has a gum called React that is a line of gums with different flavors and types. This is the brand React 5.

You get 15 sticks of gum for a little over a dollar depending on where you buy it. They are sticks wrapped in very cool black paper that borders on foil.

The flavor reminds me of pears and it isn’t offensive.

What I didn’t like about React 5:

  • Doesn’t seem to last that long.
  • The gum becomes tight and hard to chew very, very quickly.
  • A single stick isn’t much gum.

What I liked about React 5:

  • The packaging is slick.

It is an odd gum with an interesting flavor, but it just doesn’t last long enough.



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